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1. Due to nondisjunction of chromosomes during spermatogenesis, sperms carry both sex chromosomes (22A + XY) and some sperms do not carry any sex chromosome (22A + 0). If these sperms fertilize normal eggs (22A + X), what types of genetic disorders appear among the offsprings?
A Down's syndrome and Klinefelter's syndrome
B Turner's syndrome and Klinefelter's syndrome
C Down's syndrome and Cri-du-chat syndrome
D Down's syndrome and Turner's syndrome
2. When a fresh water protozoan is placed in marine water, .............
A the number of contractile vacuoles increase.
B the contractile vacuoles become bigger in size.
C the contractile vacuoles remain unchanged.
D the contractile vacuoles disappear.
3. Which one of the following pairs is an example for lateral meristem?
A Interfascicular cambium and phellem
B Procambium and phelloderm
C Phellogen and fascicular cambium
D Phellogen and phelloderm
4. In peritoneal dialysis, 
A the blood is not removed from the body and a natural filter is used,
B the blood is removed from the body and a natural filter is employed.
C the blood is removed from the body and an artificial filter is employed.
D the blood is not removed from the body and an artificial filter is used.

The following is a scheme showing the electron transport system. Identify the electron carrier molecules indicated as A and B. Choose the correct option.

A A = Cytochrome C, B = Coenzyme Q
B A = Coenzyme Q, B = Cytochrome C
C A = FMN, B = Fe-S protein
D A = Fe -S protein, B = FM N

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