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1. The dimensions of 'resistance' are same as those of......................... where h is the Planck's constant, e is the charge.
A h/e2
B h/e
C h2/e2
D h2/e
2. A train is moving slowly on a straight track with a constant speed of 2 ms-1.  A passenger in that train starts walking at a steady speed of 2 ms-1 to the back of the train in the opposite direction of the motion of the train. So to an observer standing on the platform directly in front of that passenger, the velocity of the passenger appears to be ..............................
A 2 ms-I in the opposite direction of the train
B zero
C 4 ms-1
D 2 ms-1

A ball rests upon a flat piece of paper on a table top. The paper is pulled horizontally but quickly towards right as shown. Relative to its initial position with respect to the table, the ball 
a) remains stationary if there is no friction between the paper and the ball.
b) moves to the left and starts rolling backwards, i.e. to the left if there is a friction
between the paper and the ball.
c) moves forward, i.e. in the direction in which the paper is pulled.
CET-Exam_Physics-2010-karnataka-KCET _Q3_Test-veda-question-papers-paper
 the correct statementfs is/are ...............................

A only a
B only b
C both a and b
D only c

A boy throws a cricket ball from the boundary to the wicket-keeper. If the frictional force due to air cannot be ignored, the forces acting on the ball at the position X are represented by....................
CETExam_Pysics2010 _Q4_Testvedapapers-papers

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
5. If the linear momentum of a body is increased by 50%, then the kinetic energy of that body increases by.................
A 225%
B 25%
C 100%
D 125%

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