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1. Four children belonging to the same parents have the following blood groups A, B, AB and 0. Hence, the genotypes of the two parents are______________
A Both parents are homozygous for 'A' group
B One parent is homozygous for 'A' and another parent is homozygous for 'B'
C One parent is heterozygous for 'A' and another parent is heterozygous for 'B'
D Both parents are homozygous for 'B' group
2. Mitotic stages are not observed in __________________
A Cosmarium
B E.coli
C Saccharomyces
D Chlorella
3. The types of ribosomes found in prokaryotic cell are _________
A 100 S
B 80 S
C 60 S
D 70 S
4. The name of Smt. Thimmakka is associated with the 
A planting and conservation of avenue trees
B agitations against hydroelectric project
C `Appiko' movement
D conservation of fauna and flora of the western ghats
5. Dog distemper is a disease carried by a __________
{Grace marks awarded for this question}
Provide Dummy Answer 1
A bacterium
B viroid
C priori
D virus

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