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1. Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
A During roasting, moisture is removed from the ore.
B The ore is freed from almost all nonmetallic impurities.
C Calcination of ore.is carried out in the absence of any blast of air.
D The concentrated zinc blonde is subjected to calcination during its extraction by pyrometallurgy.
2. Which one of the following sets of quantum numbers represents the highest energy level in an atom?
A n = 4, = 0, m =  0, s =+ 1/2
B n = 3, l = 1, m =  1, s =+ 1/2
C n = 3, l = 2, m =  -2, s = +1/2
D n = 3, l = 0, m =  0, s =+ 1/2
3. When 02 is converted into 0+2;..........
A both paramagnetic character and bond order increase
B bond order decreases
C paramagnetic character increases
D paramagnetic character decreases and the bond order increases
4. In chromite ore, the oxidation number of iron and chromium are respectively 
A +3, + 2
B +3, + 6
C +2, +6
D -4-2, + 3
5. The number of naturally occurring p-block elements that are diamagnetic is ..............
A 18
B 6
C 5
D 7

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