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1. If C be the capacitance and V be the electric potential, then the dimensional formula of CV2 is________
A M1L2 T-2
B M1L2 T-2 A-1
C MoL1 T-2
D M1L-3T1 A1

The displacement-time graphs of two moving particles make angles of 30° and 45° with the X-axis. The ratio of their velocities is_____

A √3:2
B 1:1
C 1:2
D 1:√3

Block A of mass 2 kg is placed over block B of mass 8 kg. The combination is placed over a rough horizontal surface. Coefficient of friction between B and the floor is 0.5. Coefficient of friction between A and B is 0.4. A horizontal force of 10 N is applied on
block B. The force of friction between A and B is   ___________(g = 10 ms-2).
CET Exam 2011 Q3 _Testveda papers-papers.

A 100N
B 40N
C 50N
D zero
4. The height y and the distance x along the horizontal plane of a projectile on a certain planet (with no surrounding atmosphere) are given by y = 8t - 5t2 meter and x = 6t meter, where t is in seconds. The velocity with which the projectile is projected is_____
A 6 ms-1
B 8 ms-1
C 10 ms-1
D 14 rns-1
5. A body of mass 5 kg is thrown vertically up with a kinetic energy of 490 J. The height at which the kinetic energy of the body becomes half of the original value i___________.
(acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 ms-2).
A 5m
B 2.5m
C 10m
D 12.5m

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