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1. Find out the wrong statement about angiosperm roots:
A Vascular bundles are collateral
B Xylem is centripetal in growth in the young roots
C Cuticle is absent in young stages
D The apex is protected by root cap

Given below is the floral diagram of a flower. Which of the following descs of the flower
matches the floral diagram?

A Homochlamydeous, polypetalous, pentamerous and bisexual
B Homochlamydeous, gamopetalous, tetramerous and unisexual
C Heterochlamydeous, gamopetalous, pentamerous and bisexual
D Heterochlamydeous, gamopetalous, tetramerous and bisexual
3. An interconnecting membranous network of the cell composed of vesicles, flattened sacs and tubules is:
A Endoplasmic reticulum
B Lysosome
C Nucleus
D Mitochondrion
4. Read the statements given below and identify the incorrect statement
A Scientific names indicate relationship between species
B Scientific names favour multiple naming for the same kind of an organism
C Scientific names are used all over the world
D Scientific names are often descriptive and tell us some important character of an organism.
5. The Lac Operon is turned on when allolactose molecules bind to:
B Repressor protein
C Promoter site
D Operator site

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