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1. The ore that is concentrated by the Froth floatation process is..............
A Chalcopyrites
B Cryolite
C Cuprite
D Calamine
2. The equivalent mass of a certain bivalent metal is 20. The molecular mass of its anhydrouschloride is.........
A 91
B 111
C 55.5
D 75.5
3. 2 moles of N2O4 (g) is kept in a closed container at 298 K and under 1 atm pressure. It is heated to 596 K when 20% by mass N2O4(g) decomposes to NO2. The resulting pressure is.
A 2.4 atm
B 1.2 atm
C 4.8 atm
D 2.8 atm
4. Sucrose is NOT a reducing sugar since..........
A it is chemically stable
B it contains no free aldehydes or keto group adjacent to a CHOH group
C it is built up of a fructose unit
D it is optically active
5. Which one of the following contains ionic, covalent and co-ordinate bonds?
B NaCl

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