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1. The speed of light in media M1 and M2 are 1.5 x 108 ms-1 and 2 x 108 ms-1 respectively. A ray travels from medium M1 to the medium M2 with an angle of incidence θ. The ray suffers total internal reflection. Then the value of the angle of incidence θ is.
A > sin-1 (3/4)
B < sin-1 (3/4​)
C = sin-1 (3/4​)
D ≤ sin-1 (3/4​)
2. Which of the following phenomena support the wave theory of light?
a) scattering
b) interference
c) diffraction
d) velocity of light in a denser medium is less than the velocity of light in the rarer medium.
A a, b, c
B a, b, d
C b, c, d
D a, c, d
3. White light reflected from a soap film (Refractive Index = 1.5) has a maxima at 600 nm and a minima at 450 nm with no minimum in between. Then the thickness of the film is ________ x 10-7 m
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
4. A cylindrical tube of length 0.2 m and radius R with sugar solution of concentration “C” produce a rotation of 0 in the plane of vibration of a plane polarized light. The same sugar solution is transferred to another tube of length 0.3 m of same radius. The remaining gap is filled by distilled water. Now the optical rotation produced is.
A θ
B θ/3
C θ/2
D 9  θ/4
5. Radii of curvature of a converging lens are in the ratio 1 : 2. Its focal length is 6 cm and refractive index is 1.5. Then its radii of curvature are ____ respectively.
A 9 cm and 18 cm
B 6 cm and 12 cm
C 3 cm and 6 cm
D 4.5 cm and 9 cm

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