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1. Quinoline alkaloids are biosynthesized via which one of the following pathways?
A Shikimic acid - tyrosine
B Shikimic acid - tryptophan
C Shikimic acid - cathinone
D Shikimic acid - phenylalanine
2. Khellin is an active constituent of which one of the following plants?
A Prunus serona
B Tribulus terrestis
C Ammi visnaga
D Vanilla planifolia
3. Which one of the following compounds is useful for the stimulation of cell division and release of lateral bud dormancy?
A Zeatin
B 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
C Indoleacetic acid
D Picloram
4. A powdered drug has the following microscopic characters:
Anther cells, arenchyma, pollen grains, phloem fibers, volatile oil cells and stone cells. The powder is obtained from which of the followings?
A Clove bud powder
B Clove bud powder with stalk
C Mother Clove
D None of the above
5. Which of the following ergot alkaloids is water soluble and shows blue fluorescence?
A Ergosine
B Ergotamine
C Ergocristine
D Ergometrine

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