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1. The vitamin essential in tissue culture medium is
A Pyridoxine
B Thiamine
C Nicotinic acid
D Inositol
2. Gingkgo biloba is used for its
A Expectorant activity
B Lipid lowering activity
C PAF antagonistic activity
D Antidepressant activity
3. The amount of barbaloin present in Aloet'era is
A ≤ 1%
B 3.5 - 4%
C 1- 1.5%
D 2 -2.5%
4. Sildenafil is used for treatment of one of the followiug disorders :
A Systolic hl.pertension
B Unstable angina
C Pulmonarl'hypertension
D Hypertensiond ue to eclampsia
5. Cardiac glycosides have the following configuration in the aglycone part of the steroid nucleus :
A 5a,14a-
B 5a.14β-
C 5β,I4a-
D 5β,14β-

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