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1. Atom..............
A is the smallest particle of an element
B can exist independently
C can retain chemical properties of the element
D all of the above
2. Which of the following is not a method of heat transfer between two bodies ?
A Conduction
B Convection
C Absorption
D Radiation
3. Land breeze and sea breeze are caused by difference in rate of cooling of the Earth and water. Mark the correct answer:
A Sea breeze moves from sea to land during night
B Sea breeze moves from sea to land during day
C Land breeze moves from sea to land during night
D None of the above.
4. Woollen clothes keep us warm during winter, which of the following facts is incorrect?
A Wool is a bad conductor of heat
B Electro-static charge of fibres retains heat
C Wool keeps air trapped in its fibres
D Wool resists escape of body heat to environment
5. At what temperature do the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales will read the same?
A -32 degree
B 32 degree
C 40 degree
D Absolute zero

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