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1. The Qutub Minar was completed by the famous ruler-
A Qutub-ud-din Aibak
B Iltutmish
C Firoz Shah Tughlaq
D Alauddin Khilji
2. Which of the following are incorrectly paired ?
A Krishnadeva Raya-Amukta malyada
B Harshavardhana-Nagananda
C Kalidasa -Ritusamhara
D Visakhadatta-Kiratarjuniyam
3. Who was the first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress ?
A Muhammed Ali Jinnah
B Badruddin Tyabji
C Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
D Abul Kalam Azad
4. During which Gupta King’s reign did the Chinese traveler Fa-hien visit India ?
A Chandra Gupta I
B Samudra Gupta
C Chandra Gupta II
D Kumara Gupta
5. The administrative consequence of the Revolt of 1857 was transfer of power from-
A East India Company to the British Crown
B British Crown to the East India Company
C East India Company to the Governor General
D British Crown to the Board of Directors

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