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1. Find out the odd word (Noun)
A splendid
B splendidly
C splendour
D splendent
2. Find out the odd word (Verb).
A Fame
B Familiar
C Familiarity
D Familiarize
Fill in the blanks with suitable tense form.
I _______________ so many interruptions this morning that I scarcely _________ any work.
A had had, have done
B have had, had done
C has had, had done
D had had, did
4. Find out the odd word _______adverb.
A Joy
B Joyful
C Joyousness
D Joyously
Fill in the blanks with the correct tense form.
Though they ___________ not happy with the service of the hotel, they _________ quiet.
A are, kept
B were, kept
C had, were keeping
D were, had kept

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