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1. Which one of the following is the oldest Archival source of data in India ?
A National Sample Surveys
B Agricultural Statistics
C Census
D Vital Statistics
2. In a large random data set following normal distribution, the ratio (%) of number of data points which are in the range of (mean ± standard deviation) to the total number of data points, is
(We provided Dummy ans, as 1)
A ~ 50%
B ~ 67%
C ~ 97%
D ~ 47%
3. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer ?
A 2
B 8
C 10
D 16
4. Which one of the following is an example of Operating System ?
A Microsoft Word
B Microsoft Excel
C Microsoft Access
D Microsoft Windows
5. Which one of the following represent the binary equivalent of the decimal number 23 ?
A 01011
B 10111
C 10011
D None of the above

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