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What constitutes the mean in Aristotle’s social structure ? 

A Wealthy class
B Poor citizen
C Middle class
D Artisan class

Whom did Machiavelli blame for the moral degradation of Italy ?

A The Prince
B The Church
C The Aristocracy
D Corrupt People

For Hegel which one of the following is correct ?

A Family is the thesis, Bourgeois society is the anti-thesis and the State represents synthesis.
B The rational is real and the real is rational.
C Contradictions are not obstacles preventing us reaching truth.
D All of the above

Who among the following criticised Bentham’s Philosophy as “Pig Philosophy” ?

A Leslie Stephen
B Karl Marx
C Carlyle
D J.S. Mill

Which of the following is correct so far as John Rawls’ writings are concerned ?

A A theory of Justice
B Political Liberalism
C The Law of Peoples 
D All of the above

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