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Tips - An unsolicited advice

Preparing for competitive exam is completely different from your regular exams. College exams are normally prepared for every one to score good marks, but competitive exams are different. Whether its engineering entrance exam, medical entrance exam, MBA entrance exam or CA, CS exam or Bank or PSU recruitement exam, your preparation should be planned properly.

Here Tips for how to prepare for Competitive Exams.



The first thing you have to keep in mind is belief, 'You can do it!'. If you have this confidence then you wont lose hope as the preparation gets tough. Do not dishearten yourself by the difficulty of any exam and the competition behind it. If you think 'You Cant' then believe me, YOU WON'T.

Aim For The Best

If you have the 'Can Do' attitude then without this part it won't matter. When ever you start your prep. do keep in mind the rank or level you want to achieve in the exam and that rank or level should be the best. I mean to say that don't try and lower your efforts by accepting a lower rank in your mind. If you aim for the best than be sure to achieve better than you had expected before. The problem is not that you set goals and you do not achieve them, but instead You Set goals Low and Achive Them.

Know About The Exam

Before giving the exam do make sure that you know all about the pattern of the exam, which means know which part has maximum and which minimum marks allotted so you know your priorities. Do Set Your Priorites , so That in case you havel ack of time you know what to ponder Upon More.


While you are studying set your environment well. Have a good study table and separate room or room where there are least disturbing elements and you can concentrate well and follow your schedule.

Time Management

Manage your time well. Decide what has to be done this week and after. Its easy to cope if you have a clear map of the preparation. While making the schedule be realistic. Allot time realistically. Have a 10 Mins Break after every hour of studying and in that break do not go and watch TV instead just relax, and roam around a bit and then sit again. You can study for 3hrs like this and then take a little long break. This will help you to manage STRESS too.

Coaching Institutes.

Do Not forget to join a coaching institute. With proper guidance you can crack what you have to, without it you may crack your brain!


Choose your books after a bit of research and wisely to gain the best. You can search on the net. Instead of having 10 books at time have 2 or 3 useful ones, that is enough.


Do start revising like book worms 1 month before the exam as that is the time when most students lose what they had grasped in the year. If you don' then you will face a lot of forgetfulness during the exam and then be ready to get lower rank.