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TestVeda Team.

About Us

TestVeda is a library of previous competitive exams papers and Government jobs available around India. User can view / download the exam papers or take mock tests of the same through this application.



TestVeda is a web application that is created for competitive exam seekers around India (for Now). TestVeda.com is free for everyone around the world and most of the contents in this web application are totally free.

TestVeda.com is a source, where you can find previous competitive exam papers and answers of the same. We promise that we will provide answers for any competitive exam papers right after a competitive exam. If you find a paper we are pleased to accept it from you so that we can upload it for others help. Only registered user can take mock tests of the exam papers available. TestVeda.com is also a source where you can find details of every government job.  It is one of that place, where u can know about every government job around the country right from your place.

TestVeda is also concentrating on the users of Facebook, android and IOS, so that the exam seeker can get full access of it from his place and his suitable way.

We have made TestVeda a user friendly website by allowing the user to sort the papers by region, concentration, private or government sectors and more. Not just the sort, A user can also search for papers and jobs.

Mock test is available for everyone who is registered with TestVeda.com directly or through Facebook authentication.

TestVeda is freely available; it helps the exam seeker in every aspect for facing competitive exams. User can take as many tests he / she wants and valuate his performance before the upcoming exams.

Private Professors / teachers for renowned colleges, institutions and tutorials have joined TestVeda.com providing private papers  for the exam seeker, which are available for the registered users after a very less payment.

Making favorites of exams or jobs are also one click away in this application.


About TestVeda versions:

Beta version: 

  • Web application is under test mode, Changes may happen on day basis or weekly basis. Also even when a bug is found
  • Every request, feedback, comments and suggestions given  by the testers, freelancers, users are considered as a complaint and will be processed for the good will of the web application.
  • Web server may go offline due to testing and maintainance purposes.


v 1.0 :

  • Search added, Now user can search papers and jobs individually for his own keywords.
  • Recent Papers appears in the top
  • Documents, Contents are updated so that the user will be on a right track over the web app.
  • Social shares added so that user can share the page he like on top social sites
  • Facebook and Google Login, check our privacy policy
  • Facebook page, Google+ page and Twitter account linked
  • Few bugs with Tests fixed
  • Result sheet and other pages design changed to look better and serve better
  • Functionality wise the web app tested on top running web browsers
  • Connected the site with Yellow and Red
  • We do not save your passwords, check our privacy policy.
  • You can stay logged also now you can contact us for help if you cannot log in.
  • Favorite your jobs and papers, So that they appear on the top of the list when you are sign back in.
  • You can now take a test without hasles.
  • Sort option on Papers and Jobs page bugs fixed.
  • You can remove your Favorite by clicking on the star button if it was already your favorite. User has to stay signed in to make or change favorites

v 1.2:
  • minified js and css for faster upload of TestVeda.
  • Mobile version for Iphone and android browsers (Safari, Google Chrome and Opera mini)
  • Few bugs fixed
  • New page for each papers
  • Optimized images for faster access
  • Validated and fixed html errors
  • Buttons visuality changed to round corners
  • Ajax loading problem fixed
  • Deferring js load to fasten access speed

v4.0 :
  • Avoided Scripting to increase browser speed.
  • Unlimited traffic capability .
  • Secured.
  • Decorative result sheet and jobs page to serve better.
  • Cache control : Storing css and js temporarily to increase speed.
  • User Privacy Maintenance,We do not share user details ,Checkout our privacy policy.
  • Avoided page redirects to load faster.
  • We get each page short code that helps us while sharing each page.
  • You can checkout your previous mock test result in user page and you can delete previous mock test list.
  • You will get message if your previous test is not ended and you can carry on the same test or else you can end and take new mock test.
  • In test page you can go to particular question you wish too for friendly access.
  • Removed unwanted extro process to avoid spams later which will be added.
  • Paper list is categorized by exam type like main prelims.
  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Added jobs archive list : You can view old jobs list.
  • Before login display limited information.
  • You can display test in process.

v5.0 :
  • Advance search added along with search. User can search particular papers and jobs based on title and categories
  • Added new section Top 5 Question for user.
  • Decorative result sheet for Top 5 Questions.
  • Added drop downs to sort papers and jobs based on category values.
  • Introduced passage type questions.
  • Redundant code has been reduced.
  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Now user can favourite their paper and jobs.
  • Before login display limited information.
  • Jobs are updated every week dynamically from RSS Feeds.
v6.1 :
  • Converted Jobs from Database to XML.
  • Using XMl is far simpler than using database also it helps in fastening the access speed.
  • Automated newsletters for Confirmed users.
  • Jobs are updated every week dynamically from RSS Feeds.
v7 :
  • New Section Expansion `Notes` to help for users in preparing exams.
  • Giving users more control by disabling Sign in in jobs section while viewing detailed description of jobs.
  • Automated updated jobs and papers newsletters for subscribed users.
  • Improved Scalability after converting Jobs into XML.
  • Creative jobs archive list to view outdated jobs.
  • Updated search - After you enter your desired search terms, add a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want to exclude.